Different Types of Interior Paints and Finishes

Feb 27

Modern paint manufacturers are coming up with new products that minimize the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are said to have several adverse effects on the health of an individual.

Earlier homeowners looking to paint the interior walls of their homes had to make a selection between oil-based and water-based paints. Oil-based paints usually have a greater amount of VOCs. Today, most of the paint that is sold is water-based paint. However, oil-based paints are still used more widely for doors, furniture, floors and glossy woodwork.

Professional interior painters in Halifax suggest that homeowners can find numerous different kinds of interior paints and finishes in the market. It is good to do adequate research to understand the pros and cons of each type of paint and the effect it will achieve for your wall. Here is a list of some of the common types of interior paints for the walls in your home and office:

1. Matte
This is perhaps the most commonly used interior wall paint, according to Halifax interior painters. Matte paint does not have any sheen or shine and is therefore the perfect paint to apply on ceilings and walls. The application of this paint is also easy even though it may require more than one coat if you wish to get a nice solid colour.

2. Satin
Almost everybody knows about the satin finish in interior paints but majority of them don’t understand it. The satin finishes lies somewhere between gloss and matte and creates a subtle, low sheen. This is why it is perfect for those areas where walls need to be cleaned on a regular basis. But, you should avoid using satin when the wall has several imperfections as these will become even more apparent.

3. Gloss
Other than matter paint, this is another commonly used interior paint. According to interior painters in Halifax, gloss paint can be used on almost all kinds of walls, though some people avoid using it on surfaces. It is utilized more for woodwork because it offers high shine to the furniture.

It is important to know that any shiny paint will take a longer period of time to dry. So you need to plan for this accordingly. Also, fans could speed up the drying process.

4. Semi-Gloss
Just like gloss, people love using semi-gloss interior paint in their homes and offices. It is actually used mostly on trim. Semi-gloss paint provides hard finishing and is ideal for heavy usage. You can easily clean up semi-gloss painted walls by using water and soap.
These are the primary types of paints and finishes used for home interior walls. Some other options include matte enamel and eggshell.

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How to Reset Your Android Phone

Nov 10

If you wish to delete all the data on your Android phone, you can either “force reset” the device or set it back to its factory settings. Alternatively, you can use the Recovery menu or the Settings Menu to remove all your data from the device. An important point to note here is that when you perform a factory data reset, all data such as your music, photos and apps that were previously on your Android handset will be wiped out. However, any data that was stored in your Google account will get restored, the moment you sign in. All the other apps and their respective data will be permanently deleted and their recovery will not be possible. So, it is imperative for you to back up all of your data before you perform a factory data reset.

Option 1: Erasing data using the Settings menu

If you are using the Settings menu in your Android phone to perform a factory data reset, here are the steps that should be followed:

1. You must check out the options for creating a backup of your data before resetting your Android phone.
2. Open the Settings menu on your Android mobile device.
3. Touch Backup & reset under “Personal”. You may have to enter your password, pattern or PIN.
4. Touch Factory data reset under “Personal data”.
5. Go through the information that appears on the screen and then select Reset phone.
6. In case you have deployed a screen lock for your Android device, you have to enter your password, PIN or pattern.
7. Select Erase everything when prompted to do so for erasing all the data from the internal storage of your device.
8. Select the option for rebooting your phone after data erasing operation has been completed by your device.
You can now see the same Welcome screen that you did when your device was turned on for the first time.

Option 2: Resetting an Android handset using the Recovery mode

1. Turn off your Android phone if it is on. Then turn it on again.
2. While your device turns on, press and hold the Power button and the Volume up button together.
3. Clicking the Volume down button will ensure selection of the “recovery mode”. Then the Volume up button should be pressed to ensure the desired arrow movement.
4. A red exclamation mark with the picture of an Android robot can be seen with the text “No command”.
5. The Power button should be held, and then simultaneously press the Volume up button. Release it thereafter.
6. Volume buttons can be used for scrolling to “wipe data/factory reset”. Select the option by pressing the Power button.
7. Pressing the Power button will select the option “Yes-erase all user data”.
If you do not wish to carry out this process on your own, you can always visit a Halifax phone repair store like TDK Mobile. The professionals there will be happy to help, and your phone will be clear of all data with no issues whatsoever.

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How to Approach a Web Design Company

Aug 13

You have a plan for a website and know that you want to approach a Halifax web design company. There are some things you need to research and plan before selecting a web design company that is suited to your needs. A professional company can offer specialized services to suit all your website development needs. They create models and strategies that actively help to elevate your website in ranking and traffic generation. Approaching a web design company should come with a general plan of what you want your website to ultimately be. You should also be aware that the final product may slightly differ from what you originally envisioned, especially if this change benefits the website. Changes could include better optimization to feature in search engines and a stronger focus on generating traffic and market trends. What do you need to know before approaching a Halifax web design company?

Know your website: What kind of website are you looking to build? Is it a personal blog? A professional restaurant takeaway service? An online market for jewelry? Knowing exactly what you want before you approach a Halifax web Design Company can help you gauge how well they understand your concept and to what extent they would be able to implement it. Picking a Halifax web design company that has previously worked on websites similar to yours is a good way to ensure a successful website development. An excellent choice for your Halifax web design is http://www.websaversmedia.ca

Portfolio and social media: A Halifax web design company that is adept at marketing their own brand is one that can help you build a successful website. Companies without online sites, portfolios, testimonials or those that refuse to provide samples and references when asked are not good companies to work with. The better a web design company is able to market themselves across various social media platforms, they better they would be in assisting your website in doing the same.

Interviews: Always select at least a few companies on a prospective basis. It is important to interview all of them to find out which company can best create the website you need. Before interviewing a web design company, you should research certain key elements of your website, such as who the target audience is. An interview could also help you address any questions and allow you to gauge their level of customer service. It would also understand the specifications and requirements you need for your website.

Time period and price: Before starting on building your website, a Halifax web design company should be able to provide you with a timeline on how long it would take to complete your project. An integral piece of information in assessing your price point, a good web design company should stay within your budget.

As long as professional Halifax web design companies can adequately understand your requirements and objectives, building an ideal website for you should never be a problem!

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