Luxury Homes in Halifax for Sale

The eastern borders of Halifax coincide with the Atlantic Ocean, making this beautiful city a wonderful place to live and enjoy the natural beauty around it. The luxury residential real estate market in Halifax is booming and there is a good reason for this.

Several wealthy individuals prefer buying homes which feature not just the best amenities but are also situated amidst breathtaking surroundings. The high-end luxury homes in Halifax offer spectacular views to their dwellers and are therefore very much in demand. Halifax realtors list some of the top-rated luxury homes in Halifax along with their features.

1. 1040 Ridgewood Drive

This huge estate can be found in an exclusive Halifax neighborhood, located on the Northwest Arm. It covers an area of more than 10,000 square feet, a perfect example of what is meant by modern luxury living. The property features floor touching windows and more than hundred feet of water frontage accompanied by gorgeous views of the Dingle Tower. The house is set primarily in stone and is yet surprisingly warm.

2. 382 Purcell’s Cove Road

Halifax real estate agents report that this twelve thousand square foot dwelling, including five bedrooms (with attached bathrooms), has the ability to impress even the highly discerning buyer. It is an exquisite blend of attitude and sophistication.

You can spend time relaxing in the home theater and pump up some iron in the spacious gym. If that’s not enough to meet your needs, pour yourself a glass of wine from the private cellar and sit back to relax and take in the beautiful surrounding view. The living room has two-story windows that offer a brilliant view of the Northwest Arm.

3. 65 Boscobel Road

Located on the Northern West Arm, this stately home covers an area of more than 4,700 square feet, offering a huge living space to its dwellers. It features three big bedrooms, fireplaces on each level, a modern kitchen and a home theater. This home is all about living in the comfort of modern amenities.

4. 1158 Rockcliffe Street

Another luxury home on the MLS listings Halifax is the gorgeous estate of Stone Oak (North-West Arm). The three-storey house exudes charming elegance, built in a classic woodland setting, offering you the pleasures of country life, but without any commute.
This property is located right opposite the famous Dingle Tower and has its own pre-confederation water area (with private sock and decking).

5. 5935 Balmoral Road

This luxury home is located close to the Point Pleasure Park and offers views of the beautiful Northwest Arm. It recently underwent extensive renovations and now features an open main level concept, offering the best of the surrounding water views.