It is a normal occurrence to get worried about an issue in life. This may be due to an economic or social problem. However if these worries advances and reaches a point where by you become exhausted, your sleeping pattern is interfered with and you become restless, it is possible that you are suffering from generalized anxiety disorder. Anybody suffering from this, worries about anything else others worry about, only that to him he takes it to a level in which this interferes with his normal lifestyle.

People suffering from generalized anxiety disorder do have chronic nervousness. In this case, you can’t specifically point out what you are worried about. Though this anxiety may not be all that severe, but it will last for a longer period such that it affects your well being, making you to feel so helpless and your life complicated.

Your behavioral pattern then changes; you feel tensed and find concentrating on various things not easy at all. Sleeping becomes a problem or if you happen to fall asleep, it doesn’t take long before you wake up. You might even experience stomach disorders.

Generalized anxiety disorder treatment is possible. A change of lifestyle may help solve it. But if this doesn’t help then a professional help is needed.